We strive to avoid anything trendy, such things are most often ephemeral, bound to go out of fashion. At Angkor Village, we are guided by one unequivocal truth: that true splendor is not mass produced. As an independently-owned brand, we strive to remain unique in our approach to creating one-of-a-kind experiences of Cambodia, and nurturing an environment for memories that would last a lifetime. We are dedicated to nurturing the talents of our team members and are devoted to the principles of sustainable development. We take our environmental sustainability very seriously and have been waste-free for over 10 years. We believe that people, pristine nature, and cultural preservation, are vital ingredients to our charm. A tastefully synchronized confluence of arts, the Angkor Village was designed to intrigue and delight. Inspired by Cambodian architecture, Olivier Piot, our founder and architect, artfully choreographs artisan materials and craftsmanship with sophistication “à la Française”. From the living ecosystem of the botanical gardens, to the intricate woodworking adorned with colorful silks, to works of theater and researched cuisine, every element is active testimony to the unique nature of Angkor Village. Covid-19 Infos Accommodation Dining Spa Facilities Sustainability About Us Angkor Village Resort Book Now Contact Us Our Location Our Philosophy About Us Our Team Originality Aesthetics At Angkor Village, we have an unwavering commitment to the development and perfectionof authentically-refined Khmer hospitality. Inspired by the essence of what is truly local, we treat our guests with the greatest care and attention, and our environment too. It is with this focus on the genuine,that we approach the incessant evolution of Angkor Village. menu Engagement Apsara Theatre Angkor Village Hotel Accommodation Dining Spa Facilities Sustainability About Us En Fr Cn En Fr Cn